My name is Tallia Oyando I’m an Emmy award winning singer and songwriter. I have my own radio show and occasionally do tv, mcing etc. I’m also a mom its my favorite thing in the world and five days out of the week i work out.

Now working out isn’t something I’ve always been a fan of. I remember the days i would go to the gym and sit with a magazine by the pool or get on the treadmill for a full three minutes and call it a workout. I weighed 52Kgs and felt great.

Ive always had really bad cramps and one time my gyno prescribed some pills for me that just got me to explode i added so much weight and then came my pregnancy 32kilos later and i weighed 94 at the end of my pregnancy. I felt fat i didn’t want to leave the house or go to work or let anyone see me. After losing some weight from breast feeding my friend got me back into the gym. It wasn’t fun at all but a month in and id lost 4 kilos this was progress i had my hashtag #bootyshortsinjune to keep me motivated . June was around the corner i kept at it. I had days i wanted to give up but people expected me to show up in june. So first i did it for me then i did it for them. June came and id lost 13.5 kilos with my weight sitting at 63kgs. Since then my weights been up and down but I’m still on my fit journey and heres my diary.