Working Out With Your Partner

Did you know that working out with your spouse/partner is a great way to spice up your relationship.

I’ve seen a couples work out together motivating each other and i find it quite sweet. You will see the man pushing his girl to places she never thought she could reach and she will want to do them because she wants to look good for her man and please him too. Or you will see him pushing himself so hard to please her and have her say “yes that’s my man”.

A couple of posts ago I told you about work out partners and how having someone to work out with keeps you motivated, helps pass time and is also great for some healthy competition. Now imagine doing this with your man/girl. Set some goals for each other. Try and eat the same meals as well as go to the gym together at the same time. This will bring you two even closer. You will have a lot more to talk about and you will be adding onto the “things we have in common” list. Don’t just break a sweat at home. Do it at the gym too.

Be each other’s motivation

HAPPY #FitTuesday


Signs You Need To WorkOut

Once again, Happy #FitTuesday!

There are a number of signs that your body gives you that tells you that you need to work out.

When people start to notice your weight-loss and are vocal about it? Or when you have to run up a flight of stairs and run out of breath to the point of passing out?

How about when your baby plays with your baby because it reminds him of a bouncing castle (I’ve had that moment!) – These are all signs that you should probably start to consider getting fitter.

Do you find yourself easily exhausted? Is sleep a problem for you sometimes? – All of these things can be helped by some exercise in your life. It may not even be something as serious as joining a gym – but changing your diet, and walking to work instead of driving the car/ taking the bus if it its reasonably close and not raining!

If you are in any doubt, get some advice from a very honest friend or relative.

You can’t fit in your favourite jeans? That’s a sign.

You constantly think about candy? That’s a sign.

Now do this – bend over and touch your toes. No? That’s a definite sign.

Get to learn your body all over again – stay fit, stay healthy and remember to be your own motivation!

The Dangers Of Diet Pills

Happy Fit Tuesday. Today it’s all about diet pills and their dangers..

As females, a lot of times we may have been tempted to take diet pills – disregarding the fact that the majority are not effective, unless they are prescribed by doctors for those suffering from medical conditions related to obesity.

There is no magic pill for weight loss.

In fact, you could be doing a lot of damage to your body with the use of these pills – high blood pressure, anxiety, headaches, constitpation, Kidner and liver damage and much much more.

If you are pregnant, or contemplating getting pregnant, you could also be harming the future of your unborn child by using these kinds of pills – which in the majority of the cases – are not regulated.

If you don’t end up in the hospital, things could be worse – you could die. The long and short of it, is that you need to stay away from any kind of pills that promise miraculous weight loss, unless prescribed for you by a legitimate doctor.

What would be a better fix is to see a nutritionist, change your diet for the better and start getting some exercise.

Be your own motivation!


Picking The Best Workout For You

Picking the best work out for yourself is not an easy thing to do if you’re a beginner.

If you have been clinically certified as over weight/obese by your doctor, then you need to seek his/her advice. Go for something slow and good for your heart that would also not cause any injuries. Don’t just go to the gym and start: get that go ahead and also get a well suited work out plan.

Ask yourself what your priorities are: are you trying to lose weight, tone or add weight? Are you just trying to maintain your weight? All these are factors. Talk to a gym instructor or get a personal trainer to guide you.

Do you have an injury? Do you need physiotherapy? Take it slow as opposed to injuring yourself further.

Do you just want to join the gym or work out but still don’t know what to do? I suggest doing cardio and different exercises every day. It may be machine cardio and weights and alternate that with pilates, calisthenics, swimming or boxing.

Pick a work out best suited for you and try it out for a month and a half. If you find yourself bored or feel that you aren’t getting the results you want, switch it up. Keep your diet as clean as possible and drink lots of water.

You will get there!

Remember to be your own motivation and have a blessed #FitTuesday.

Choosing The Right Workout Gear

Choosing the right shoe for your work out is of the utmost importance – not only does it protect you from possible injury, but it also gives you any cushion you may need to properly perform some of the more hard wearing exercises you might find yourself doing.

There are many types of aerobic shoes that are lightweight and afford you the flexibility that you may need.

Choosing the right workout clothes is also important – pick clothes that allow you to breathe, but that also make you look and feel good! Avoid heavy fabrics that don’t absorb sweat and that might cause heat rash.

Ladies will need a good sports bra so that jumping up and down is not a painful affair.

Baggy clothes can get caught up in equipment and also make it hard to move freely.

Wear gym clothes that are light and airy and you will be well on your way to your fitness goals.

Happy fit Tuesday and remember to be your own motivation!

Tips For Diet Success

By definition, a diet is “to select or limit the food one eats to improve one’s physical condition or to lose weight”.

So we have all at one point in our lives tried a diet or two. It works for some because they do it right and doesn’t for others either because they are doing it wrong or they weren’t determined enough.

Before you start any diet, you need to check with your doctor or a nutritionist. They could tell you not to attempt it because it may be harmful to your health, or it may not be giving you the proper nutrients.

I’ve tried diets too. I remember when I read about Beyonce doing the Cayenne-Pepper liquid diet for two weeks and lost 10 kgs. I lasted exactly a day, and landed myself in hospital.

That was many years ago though. I have since reformed and now use the gym to keep fit and healthy.

There are so many diets out there. Eat once a day, eat only fruits etc. I am not saying they are all bad but talk to a doctor or a nutritionist. These diets may work for some people but they don’t work for all. You don’t need to starve yourself to get skinny, intact you add more weight.

Try portion control. I do that. I eat whatever has been cooked at home but in portions. I will not fill up my plate till kingdom come. All i need is enough to keep me going. I always have veggies with all my meals and fruit as a snack.

Its okay to eat at a restaurant once in a while – don’t completely deprive yourself from the joy of food! Life is too short. Enjoy but in portions.

Drink lots of water every day – 2 litres is recommended per day, but I do 1.5 at least.

If you are on a diet right now whether it’s working or not, I am not discouraging you but merely asking you to check with your doctor or nutritionist to see if it may be harmful to your health.

Don’t just look for diets off the internet – most of the time they are written by people who have no idea what they are talking about. Do your research well and STAY AWAY from diet pills.

Let’s get healthy and remember you are your own motivation!

Dealing With Hormonal Weight Gain

Are you lazy? Believe it or not I’m probably the laziest person around.

I hit the gym 5-6 times a week, but 60 percent of that time, I’m trying to think up excuses as to why I shouldn’t go!

That said, when I see results, it motivates me even more.

About ten years ago, I was tiny in stature – I weighed between 49 and 52 kgs and I was not interested in working out because whatever I ate just didn’t show.

All this changed however, when my mom took me to visit a gynecologist because of period pain – something that a lot of women and girls go through every month.

My doctor decided to put me on the pill to regulate my scycle and hopefully help with the pain management. Sure, it helped, but I also gained a lot of weight.

I gained weight so fast it shocked me. I was later put on a low hormonal pull that stabilized things.

I wrote this today because I receive a lot of emails or bump into people who recount to me their weight gain stories, and a few have even mentioned their own battles with the pill.

Pills come in different forms – never get one over the counter just because your frend uses that type. You have to be aware of the side effects. And if the weight starts attacking you, get active! Walk, skip, jog or join a gym.

Happy #FitTuesday and remember to be your own motivation!

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Channel Your Stress Into A WorkOut

If you are like me, you have probably had a bad day already, this week. You know how it goes – one of those days when everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. When you lose a friend or two because you snapped at them, when you should have just taken a deep breath and exhaled.

But as bad as it’s been, I know that working out clears my mind. It helps relieve stress and keeps me focused.

Stress causes mood swings, headaches and even loss of appetite, so i tend to run when that happens. I become a beast on the treadmill or even just go jogging in the hood.

I tend to get terrible migraines that have landed me in the emergency room, but these days I tend to just pop an ibruprofen, wait 30 minutes and go running.

Running also increases your blood flow and if you have blood pressure problems it regulates that as you get your heart pumping.

If it takes a lot for you to get motivated enough to get on your running shoes, rope a friend into participating with you. Friendly competition will help you push harder than you are used to. And remember not to put your friend down when they are not feeling motivated. Be each other’s support system!

Happy #FitTuesday! Remember to be your own motivation (but also to motivate your friends too!)

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Have Fun With Fitness

How are you today? I am doing good, still on this fit struggle. Now if you have been working out by either going to the gym or running around your neighborhood and you are bored, here are a couple of things you can do.

Patricia Kihoro does a lot of yoga and her level of fitness is crazy. Apparently it’s a good way to wind down after a long day.

I have sat with a yoga instructor before, and learned that it is for your spine, increases your blood flow, builds muscle strength and is great for your posture.

Kickboxing is a great sport to learn whether you’re male or female. I’ve tried it a few times and I am huge fan – except the point when I have to cut my nails!

Kickboxing deals with a lot of cardio and as you punch and kick, you can burn over 1000 calories per session depending on how long your session is.

It also reduces stress; helps motivate you to train and exercise and helps with your coordination. It’s a full body work out, tones your body and best of all helps you get some amazing self defense skills.

Dancing is my absolute favorite. If you follow Patricia Kihoro and I on instagram, you have probably seen our #VideoChronicles. We burn so many calories dancing. It also improves your cardiovascular system, releases stress, you get to tone and you can still do it however old you are. It’s so easy! Just pick out a playlist of your favorite songs and just jam till you can’t anymore.

Pick a six week challenge and get some great results!

Happy #FitTuesday and remember to be your own motivation

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How To Manage A Cheat Meal

Hopefully you have been keeping fit and healthy!

Now this doesn’t necessarily entail hitting the gym everyday and being on a diet every single day of the week – (although there are some people who actually do that)

I prefer to hit the gym 4-5 days a week and maintain portion control.

If you have been trying to lose some weight or maintain your weight using a healthy diet given to you by a doctor or a nutritionist, it is okay to have a cheat meal.

Pick something that you have been craving all week – be it pizza, cake, chocolate, nyama choma – have a little bit, and then get back on your diet.

It can work by helping you stay focused on your diet, but at the same time, doesn’t deprive you of the things you enjoy the most!

Remember to continue to drink lots of water and stay away from things that will harm your body such as diet pills.

Use your cheat meal as a reward for the work you have been putting in over the week – and you may find that once you hit your targets, you won’t need it anymore!

Remember to be your own motivation!