QUALIFICATIONS: 10years of personal training experience under Andres Leenher (current owner of colosseum fitness center)

SPECIALITIES: Muay Thai boxing (martial arts)and Bodybuilding.

INTERESTS: Everything Fitness.

MOTTO: Those who moved rocks started with small stones.

INSPIRATION: My clients. When a client walks into the gym with the good news that she/he has lost weight and feels good about themselves.

ADVICE: Never be afraid to fail but to remain the same.

TITLES: Mr Physique 2015 Kenya/ Muscle Mania Africa / Mr Moderm Mombasa

INSTAGRAM: @fit_joe

GYM: The Colosseum – Adams Arcade


Dealing with Weight Loss #Slimpossible7

Hey guys, sorry i haven’t blogged in a while but I’m back. Heres a link to Slimpossible season 7 on Citizen Tv where i was talking weight loss…


My #evenbetterme Journey.


So for the past two months I’ve been using the Dettol Even Tone Soap and writing down my progress.

When I was convinced to start using it I thought it would just be like any other soap out there but I tried it anyway.

Let’s go back to the beginning. There are four types of skin.

Normal skin,

Dry Skin,

Oily skin

Combination skin – this is what I have. It’s when you’re only oily around your forehead, nose and chin. It really is annoying.

I have struggled with that for the past six years. I had great skin and never had to worry about anything. I’ve had to keep powdering my nose to keep my make up intact. There’s also a trick i use. I apply a laxative “milk of magnesia” on my face 10 min before I do my makeup and that helps. Keeps it fresh and matte-looking.

I work out a lot so I sweat a lot on my face and having a proper wash keeps your skin clear. I’m not one to use soap on my face; I normally just use water and wipes. 

Fast forward to two months ago. I was introduced to the new Dettol Even Tone Soap and was a bit skeptical, however a month in, my skin tone started evening out. It doesn’t bleach, it’s not a bleach, but it really does tone your skin out, getting rid of blemishes and gets your skin tone even, hence #evenbetterme. 

This is the first time I’ve used soap on my face and it’s not left me looking like a leopard. I have sensitive skin so plain water is always best for me. I enjoy my showers now thanks to the scrub it has. It’s also got glycerine which is great for your skin. So I gave myself two months and i can now leave the house with no makeup. Ok almost no makeup. I at least need some lip gloss. Other than that, no foundation needed. I highly recommend Dettol Even Tone. If you have skin tone issues, you work out a lot and sweat like I do or you have sensitive and oily skin. I have also received some emails after my last #evenbetterme post and I say thank you. I will respond to more of your questions keep them coming. Here’s a few…


Hey Tallia

This is Adera, i read your post about Dettol and i decided to try it out. Thank you ive been using it 3 weeks now and i see the results.


Sasa Tallia

Your skin looks so lovely bumped into you at the supermarket i hope you remember me. The girl with the crazy red hair. I didnt lie about starting the #evenbetterme journey. I did and its going great.


From Stella (off a chat we had)

…especially the soap, its the best. I no longer have the oily face. Its so on point and smells sooo good.


So I’m using it. I’ve posted pictures here and on my social media. I’ve been going make up free a lot lately. And I love that my skin gets to breathe. Now are you ready for your #evenbetterme journey? Let me know how it goes….

Also dont forget to follow @DettolKe on twitter @DettolKenya on instagram use hashtag #evenbetterme post a selfie with the new Dettol Even Tone soap, most likes wins a trip for four to the Mara Sopa Lodge click this link get your likes and enjoy your all expenses paid vacay …



For Mom

Happy Mothers Day … Today being a pretty special day i also celebrate the two amazing guys in my life my husband who without i would not have my son. And my son who without i would not be a mom.

It wasn’t planned i was terrified i didn’t know the first thing about being a mom or taking care of a child.

My pregnancy saw so much from bleeding and nearly mis-carrying, to 6 months of morning sickness, massive weight gain, aches and  pains, fainting episodes, dizzy spells and so much more. This was not how i pictured it to be. Its wasn’t how it looked in the movies. 

I was scared. My mom, mom in law and my in laws were great. I always had someone taking care of me and i am grateful to each and every one of them.

I had an emergency ceasarian when i was supposed to have a normal birth. As scary as it was and as much as i had a panic attack during surgery my baby was born healthy. And on that day my life began. That day i knew a different kind of love. That day i became a mom. It cannot be explained but that kinda love, could heal the world.

I have so much more respect for my mom now that i am a mother. I put her through alot when i was young and now i realise how unfair i was being. And i am sorry.

I love you mom you are my rock. I learn so much from you everyday and i thank you for every little thing. You are an angel.

To my mother in law you came to our home everyday for three months, washed your grandson and rubbed my feet. Everyday, who does that? You have a heart of gold. I thank you. I am trully blessed to have amazing women in my life. And our son is blessed to have grandmas who love him unconditionally.

To the love of my life. Thank you for being the best father any child could ask for. I watch you with our son everyday and it warms my heart how in love with each other you two are. Your his best friend and he is yours. And i will continue praying for you, for him and for our family.

To my son, you are everything to me i love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Theres nothing you could do that would make me love you any less. May God guide, protect and bless you abundantly.

Thank you.

Cant wait for number 2


Love Scars

Hey , it’s yet another Fit Tuesday and i hope you’ve been keeping busy with your fitness schedule. I came across a post the other day that said “Happy Caesarian Month” – and read such beautiful stories from mothers so I have decided to share mine: my love scars.

It was my first pregnancy and I was scared. I didn’t know what I was doing and took it one day at a time. I never took pain killers for my migraines because i was scared I’d hurt my baby.

I’ve mentioned in the past about my weight gain. After about 6 months into my pregnancy i added weight drastically – #upto 32 kgs. I was at 94 kgs on my final day.

So there I was in the hospital and the labor just kept going and going and going. I am terrified of pain so i had an epidural however it run out at some point because it was being delivered to me in doses. First of all that epidural can mess up your mind. As much as i felt no pain, I felt “paralysed” from the waist down and that really played with my mind. I’m not saying i wouldnt do it again during my next pregnancy (God willing), i would. It’s just this time I’d be prepared. So anyway back to it. Epidural administered and waiting for my son to arrive. It took way too long, he was in distress and I had to be rushed in for an emergency CS. I have never been so terrified in my life. I was supposed to have a normal birth and now im being rushed into surgery. Everything was happening so quickly. I was being wheeled into theatre and it was scary. I was supposed to be awake during the caesarian but i had a panic attack so i was put down. A few minutes later I was woken up and told I was a mother. My son was okay and his father was with him.

I was then wheeled into my room where everyone was. There was so much love in my room. Everyone was happy. I still couldn’t see my son as I was still a bit out of it. My mother in law then held my hand and we prayed.

In the morning, I needed help sitting up so as to not rip up my stitches. I also had a tube that was draining excess fluids from my cut. I was in pain. But my husband brought in my son and the pain was gone. Completely gone, i looked at him and cried. He was beautiful, he was worth it, he was perfect, i was in love. I had dark stretch marks around my thighs and tummy, I was itching around my cut, my feet were swollen but it was okay, it was worth it.

As a mom you will do anything for your children anything to protect them and show them you love.

After months of breast feeding i lost some of the weight, but I still had a long way to go. So i hit the gym and lost 13.5 kgs. Although i lost the weight i had extra skin, I needed to tone up and I had lots of stretch marks around my tummy and lower back. Cellulite was not a rumor and I decided to try natural solutions. Potato juice is really good. Take skin from potatoes and rub on skin till juice dries up. Do this daily and wash after. Other home remedies are Castor oil, Olive Oil, Aloe vera which is a cure for everything, mix some glycerine with lemon, cocoa butter (natural), tea tree oil and my fav is dried coffee beans.

I’ve used some of these and they have helped greatly. I still have a few stretch marks and my caesarian scar is barely showing. I haven’t been too serious with this but I’m starting a daily routine.

If you’re a mom, embrace your love scars (that scar from your surgery, your cellulite, those stretch marks) but you can use some of these home remedies to clear things up a little. Plus you may need some time away from the kids – three days to hang out with your girls so click on this link and post a Dettol Selfie. Remember the soap I told you about last week? The new Even Tone Dettol? It’s doing wonders on my skin and especially my face. I’ve been using it daily, and its cleared my face. It’s my mini spa. So get that Dettol Even Tone soap. Take a selfie with it and post. Once you do, share with your family and friends get as many likes as you can and stand a chance of winning a trip for you and three of your friends. Full board, fully paid at the Mara Sopa Lodge. Dont say I never give you good things. Time is running out. And don’t forget the hashtag #evenbetterme. Now go and inspire someone today and embrace your love scars..

An #EvenBetterMe

Hey how are you doing? I hope you are still on that fitness track. This struggle has definitely been real to me. I got to a point where my workouts just stalled it wasn’t fun anymore i wasn’t getting to my goals but then i decided to switch it up abit. Ive told you this before on a previous post sometimes the body gets used to routine stalls and you stop seeing results no matter how hard you try. Switching things up gets it pumping again. So i did, i added home personal training to my work out schedule and let me just say it felt so good. Working out at home can really be fun. You can get a personal trainer to help you or you can get those work out dvds 45 min to an hour is a good enough work out. Use those stairs, that chair or that coffee table. Fill up bottles of water to use as weights or even get a skipping rope. So thats what i did, one day i’d go to the gym and the next i’d work out at home. This has been great, though a lot of sweat from my workouts hasn’t been too kind to my skin. I’ve experienced lots of breakouts that had been difficult to deal with until i tried some home remedies such as aloe vera, cucumbers,avocados, olive oils turmeric, lemon all these things found in the house can clear your skin within days. So because i work out 5 times a week i tend to cleanse my face every week and clean my face with rose water after i take out my make up. Also don’t go to bed with make up on. Alot of people go to bed with make up on because they feel lazy or dont see the need to take it out. Use unscented baby wipes for a quick clean because sleeping with make up is terrible for your skin. I also recently discovered the new Dettol Even Tone soap thats my current obsession i get a soft body scrub with every wash plus it evens out my skin tone which is perfect. I finally have a soap i can use on my face that i can easily get at the supermarket. If you work out like i do then you know and love that feeling you get when you jump in the shower after a work out. That feeling, cannot be explained and thats why I’m sticking to this routine for a while. June is around the corner and this booty wont work itself so #bootyshortsinjune is about to be a reality hope your fitness is going great I’m working on an #evenbetterme and i hope you are too. Until next week, be your own motivation.

Picking The Perfect Gym

Today we are all about picking the right gym. Do you just walk into any gym, pay your membership fee and start working out? No – there are a couple of things you need to look to consider.

First of all where is the gym located? You need a gym close to your home or office if you expect to stay motivated. You do not need to give yourself an excuse as to why you can’t make it. It also helps when your gym is in close proximity to you so you can walk there and burn a few calories cutting out the need for a treadmill session to warm up.

Pricing is also important: don’t dig a hole in your pocket – find a place that is not too expensive and scour the internet for good deals.

Is your prospective gym well equipped or will you need to share one machine with 20 people? You don’t want to be rushed when you are working out. Again, it is all about value for your money.

Is the gym clean? Does it have fresh towels? Is there a water distiller and are there certified trainers/instructors available for you?

There’s so much you need to consider before you register. Dont just walk in and pay – this is your health!
Remember: be your own motivation!!

Happy #FitTuesday

Workout Buddies Are Everything

It’s Fit Tuesday again and here I am again with some (hopefully) wise words to keep you on that push towards fitness!

You know when you go to the gym and you don’t feel like jogging on that treadmill. Then some random person or your trainer comes and talks to you as you jog and in no time your time is up? I love that – I really do! It helps kill time and allows me to reach my goals with less of a struggle. I always long for someone to walk up to me and begin chatting with me.

It’s not as hard as you think though! Get yourself a work out buddy if you are the type of person who finds it tough to get motivated. One who will go with you to the gym at the same time and do most of the work outs you are doing.

Get someone who is your friend, someone who will motivate you positively and someone you can motivate too. Don’t go looking for someone bigger in weight than you so you feel better about yourself and don’t get someone who you can put down.

Having positive energy and presence really does go a long way.

Get someone who will get you off the couch when you feel lazy. Someone you can pick up to go for your work out when they have car trouble. A work out buddy is everything.

When I started working out I went to the gym with a friend. She encouraged me to get up, sign up and actually work out! We did that for three months, and at the end of that time, I managed to fit into my booty shorts.

She would tell me “you can do it” even when I felt I couldn’t, and I would give her a kick up the butt when she needed the extra push.

Get a work out buddy today, and be someone else’s motivation this week!

For Mothers and Mothers To Be

In honor of Mother’s Day this past Sunday. I am dedicating this post to mothers and mothers to be.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: You are beautiful no matter how much weight you have added. You are beautiful no matter how many stretch marks you have, dark or light.

When I got pregnant I added so much weight I had black stretch marks all over my thighs and on my tummy. I felt all kinds of ugly and I didn’t want anyone to see me. I mostly stayed in the house. No matter how good my make up was I still felt fat and ugly. I had my baby I’ve lost the weight and I still have some stretch marks. I still have cellulite but you know what, I look at my son today – my beautiful son; my amazing son – and I would do it all over again. Bring on those stretch marks, bring on that weight gain add on that cellulite … Being ‘MOM’ for some people comes easy – no weight gain, for others it is a little more difficult. We are built different but we are mothers.

Try get some work out in while your pregnant – jog a little, walk a little at least 4 times a week. Drink lots of water and even if you add on a few pounds it’s ok. Just get back on your healthy track once you give birth.

Well DONE if you are a mother it’s not the easiest job but it’s the best! Pat yourself on the back and BE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION!

Happy #FitTuesday

Managing Your Unhealthy Cravings

Once again, Happy Fit Tuesday!

Today I want to talk about something that I have a weakness for and struggle with on the regular – candy.

Growing up my folks would let me eat sweets and whenever I had even a shilling, sweets were the first things I would buy. I had tooth issues problems and struggled with my tonsils a lot because of it.

I managed to get the cravings in check when I started working out – however I have to admit that I have slipped back into my unhealthy habit.

I have candy everywhere – in my bag, under my pillow and even in the car. I have added a couple of KGs to my weight since I started so I’ve been researching on ways that I can back on track with my eating plans and get rid of the cravings for good.

Eating too much candy messes with your diet and is also high in calories and getting addicted is as easy as 123. Try substitution. I’ve discovered that sweet fruit like mango and grapes can help curb your cravings tremendously. Try and drink water or fresh juice, or deal with something minty.

But acceptance is the first step , so “Hello, my name is Tallia and I am a Candyholic”

Not to get back on the road to health.

Remember to be your own motivation (or stare at pictures of Ciara in a bikini – that always gets me going!)