My #evenbetterme Journey.


So for the past two months I’ve been using the Dettol Even Tone Soap and writing down my progress.

When I was convinced to start using it I thought it would just be like any other soap out there but I tried it anyway.

Let’s go back to the beginning. There are four types of skin.

Normal skin,

Dry Skin,

Oily skin

Combination skin – this is what I have. It’s when you’re only oily around your forehead, nose and chin. It really is annoying.

I have struggled with that for the past six years. I had great skin and never had to worry about anything. I’ve had to keep powdering my nose to keep my make up intact. There’s also a trick i use. I apply a laxative “milk of magnesia” on my face 10 min before I do my makeup and that helps. Keeps it fresh and matte-looking.

I work out a lot so I sweat a lot on my face and having a proper wash keeps your skin clear. I’m not one to use soap on my face; I normally just use water and wipes. 

Fast forward to two months ago. I was introduced to the new Dettol Even Tone Soap and was a bit skeptical, however a month in, my skin tone started evening out. It doesn’t bleach, it’s not a bleach, but it really does tone your skin out, getting rid of blemishes and gets your skin tone even, hence #evenbetterme. 

This is the first time I’ve used soap on my face and it’s not left me looking like a leopard. I have sensitive skin so plain water is always best for me. I enjoy my showers now thanks to the scrub it has. It’s also got glycerine which is great for your skin. So I gave myself two months and i can now leave the house with no makeup. Ok almost no makeup. I at least need some lip gloss. Other than that, no foundation needed. I highly recommend Dettol Even Tone. If you have skin tone issues, you work out a lot and sweat like I do or you have sensitive and oily skin. I have also received some emails after my last #evenbetterme post and I say thank you. I will respond to more of your questions keep them coming. Here’s a few…


Hey Tallia

This is Adera, i read your post about Dettol and i decided to try it out. Thank you ive been using it 3 weeks now and i see the results.


Sasa Tallia

Your skin looks so lovely bumped into you at the supermarket i hope you remember me. The girl with the crazy red hair. I didnt lie about starting the #evenbetterme journey. I did and its going great.


From Stella (off a chat we had)

…especially the soap, its the best. I no longer have the oily face. Its so on point and smells sooo good.


So I’m using it. I’ve posted pictures here and on my social media. I’ve been going make up free a lot lately. And I love that my skin gets to breathe. Now are you ready for your #evenbetterme journey? Let me know how it goes….

Also dont forget to follow @DettolKe on twitter @DettolKenya on instagram use hashtag #evenbetterme post a selfie with the new Dettol Even Tone soap, most likes wins a trip for four to the Mara Sopa Lodge click this link get your likes and enjoy your all expenses paid vacay …




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