Love Scars

Hey , it’s yet another Fit Tuesday and i hope you’ve been keeping busy with your fitness schedule. I came across a post the other day that said “Happy Caesarian Month” – and read such beautiful stories from mothers so I have decided to share mine: my love scars.

It was my first pregnancy and I was scared. I didn’t know what I was doing and took it one day at a time. I never took pain killers for my migraines because i was scared I’d hurt my baby.

I’ve mentioned in the past about my weight gain. After about 6 months into my pregnancy i added weight drastically – #upto 32 kgs. I was at 94 kgs on my final day.

So there I was in the hospital and the labor just kept going and going and going. I am terrified of pain so i had an epidural however it run out at some point because it was being delivered to me in doses. First of all that epidural can mess up your mind. As much as i felt no pain, I felt “paralysed” from the waist down and that really played with my mind. I’m not saying i wouldnt do it again during my next pregnancy (God willing), i would. It’s just this time I’d be prepared. So anyway back to it. Epidural administered and waiting for my son to arrive. It took way too long, he was in distress and I had to be rushed in for an emergency CS. I have never been so terrified in my life. I was supposed to have a normal birth and now im being rushed into surgery. Everything was happening so quickly. I was being wheeled into theatre and it was scary. I was supposed to be awake during the caesarian but i had a panic attack so i was put down. A few minutes later I was woken up and told I was a mother. My son was okay and his father was with him.

I was then wheeled into my room where everyone was. There was so much love in my room. Everyone was happy. I still couldn’t see my son as I was still a bit out of it. My mother in law then held my hand and we prayed.

In the morning, I needed help sitting up so as to not rip up my stitches. I also had a tube that was draining excess fluids from my cut. I was in pain. But my husband brought in my son and the pain was gone. Completely gone, i looked at him and cried. He was beautiful, he was worth it, he was perfect, i was in love. I had dark stretch marks around my thighs and tummy, I was itching around my cut, my feet were swollen but it was okay, it was worth it.

As a mom you will do anything for your children anything to protect them and show them you love.

After months of breast feeding i lost some of the weight, but I still had a long way to go. So i hit the gym and lost 13.5 kgs. Although i lost the weight i had extra skin, I needed to tone up and I had lots of stretch marks around my tummy and lower back. Cellulite was not a rumor and I decided to try natural solutions. Potato juice is really good. Take skin from potatoes and rub on skin till juice dries up. Do this daily and wash after. Other home remedies are Castor oil, Olive Oil, Aloe vera which is a cure for everything, mix some glycerine with lemon, cocoa butter (natural), tea tree oil and my fav is dried coffee beans.

I’ve used some of these and they have helped greatly. I still have a few stretch marks and my caesarian scar is barely showing. I haven’t been too serious with this but I’m starting a daily routine.

If you’re a mom, embrace your love scars (that scar from your surgery, your cellulite, those stretch marks) but you can use some of these home remedies to clear things up a little. Plus you may need some time away from the kids – three days to hang out with your girls so click on this link and post a Dettol Selfie. Remember the soap I told you about last week? The new Even Tone Dettol? It’s doing wonders on my skin and especially my face. I’ve been using it daily, and its cleared my face. It’s my mini spa. So get that Dettol Even Tone soap. Take a selfie with it and post. Once you do, share with your family and friends get as many likes as you can and stand a chance of winning a trip for you and three of your friends. Full board, fully paid at the Mara Sopa Lodge. Dont say I never give you good things. Time is running out. And don’t forget the hashtag #evenbetterme. Now go and inspire someone today and embrace your love scars..


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