Working Out With Your Partner

Did you know that working out with your spouse/partner is a great way to spice up your relationship.

I’ve seen a couples work out together motivating each other and i find it quite sweet. You will see the man pushing his girl to places she never thought she could reach and she will want to do them because she wants to look good for her man and please him too. Or you will see him pushing himself so hard to please her and have her say “yes that’s my man”.

A couple of posts ago I told you about work out partners and how having someone to work out with keeps you motivated, helps pass time and is also great for some healthy competition. Now imagine doing this with your man/girl. Set some goals for each other. Try and eat the same meals as well as go to the gym together at the same time. This will bring you two even closer. You will have a lot more to talk about and you will be adding onto the “things we have in common” list. Don’t just break a sweat at home. Do it at the gym too.

Be each other’s motivation

HAPPY #FitTuesday


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