Signs You Need To WorkOut

Once again, Happy #FitTuesday!

There are a number of signs that your body gives you that tells you that you need to work out.

When people start to notice your weight-loss and are vocal about it? Or when you have to run up a flight of stairs and run out of breath to the point of passing out?

How about when your baby plays with your baby because it reminds him of a bouncing castle (I’ve had that moment!) – These are all signs that you should probably start to consider getting fitter.

Do you find yourself easily exhausted? Is sleep a problem for you sometimes? – All of these things can be helped by some exercise in your life. It may not even be something as serious as joining a gym – but changing your diet, and walking to work instead of driving the car/ taking the bus if it its reasonably close and not raining!

If you are in any doubt, get some advice from a very honest friend or relative.

You can’t fit in your favourite jeans? That’s a sign.

You constantly think about candy? That’s a sign.

Now do this – bend over and touch your toes. No? That’s a definite sign.

Get to learn your body all over again – stay fit, stay healthy and remember to be your own motivation!


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