Picking The Perfect Gym

Today we are all about picking the right gym. Do you just walk into any gym, pay your membership fee and start working out? No – there are a couple of things you need to look to consider.

First of all where is the gym located? You need a gym close to your home or office if you expect to stay motivated. You do not need to give yourself an excuse as to why you can’t make it. It also helps when your gym is in close proximity to you so you can walk there and burn a few calories cutting out the need for a treadmill session to warm up.

Pricing is also important: don’t dig a hole in your pocket – find a place that is not too expensive and scour the internet for good deals.

Is your prospective gym well equipped or will you need to share one machine with 20 people? You don’t want to be rushed when you are working out. Again, it is all about value for your money.

Is the gym clean? Does it have fresh towels? Is there a water distiller and are there certified trainers/instructors available for you?

There’s so much you need to consider before you register. Dont just walk in and pay – this is your health!
Remember: be your own motivation!!

Happy #FitTuesday


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