Picking The Best Workout For You

Picking the best work out for yourself is not an easy thing to do if you’re a beginner.

If you have been clinically certified as over weight/obese by your doctor, then you need to seek his/her advice. Go for something slow and good for your heart that would also not cause any injuries. Don’t just go to the gym and start: get that go ahead and also get a well suited work out plan.

Ask yourself what your priorities are: are you trying to lose weight, tone or add weight? Are you just trying to maintain your weight? All these are factors. Talk to a gym instructor or get a personal trainer to guide you.

Do you have an injury? Do you need physiotherapy? Take it slow as opposed to injuring yourself further.

Do you just want to join the gym or work out but still don’t know what to do? I suggest doing cardio and different exercises every day. It may be machine cardio and weights and alternate that with pilates, calisthenics, swimming or boxing.

Pick a work out best suited for you and try it out for a month and a half. If you find yourself bored or feel that you aren’t getting the results you want, switch it up. Keep your diet as clean as possible and drink lots of water.

You will get there!

Remember to be your own motivation and have a blessed #FitTuesday.


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