Managing Your Unhealthy Cravings

Once again, Happy Fit Tuesday!

Today I want to talk about something that I have a weakness for and struggle with on the regular – candy.

Growing up my folks would let me eat sweets and whenever I had even a shilling, sweets were the first things I would buy. I had tooth issues problems and struggled with my tonsils a lot because of it.

I managed to get the cravings in check when I started working out – however I have to admit that I have slipped back into my unhealthy habit.

I have candy everywhere – in my bag, under my pillow and even in the car. I have added a couple of KGs to my weight since I started so I’ve been researching on ways that I can back on track with my eating plans and get rid of the cravings for good.

Eating too much candy messes with your diet and is also high in calories and getting addicted is as easy as 123. Try substitution. I’ve discovered that sweet fruit like mango and grapes can help curb your cravings tremendously. Try and drink water or fresh juice, or deal with something minty.

But acceptance is the first step , so “Hello, my name is Tallia and I am a Candyholic”

Not to get back on the road to health.

Remember to be your own motivation (or stare at pictures of Ciara in a bikini – that always gets me going!)


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