For Mothers and Mothers To Be

In honor of Mother’s Day this past Sunday. I am dedicating this post to mothers and mothers to be.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: You are beautiful no matter how much weight you have added. You are beautiful no matter how many stretch marks you have, dark or light.

When I got pregnant I added so much weight I had black stretch marks all over my thighs and on my tummy. I felt all kinds of ugly and I didn’t want anyone to see me. I mostly stayed in the house. No matter how good my make up was I still felt fat and ugly. I had my baby I’ve lost the weight and I still have some stretch marks. I still have cellulite but you know what, I look at my son today – my beautiful son; my amazing son – and I would do it all over again. Bring on those stretch marks, bring on that weight gain add on that cellulite … Being ‘MOM’ for some people comes easy – no weight gain, for others it is a little more difficult. We are built different but we are mothers.

Try get some work out in while your pregnant – jog a little, walk a little at least 4 times a week. Drink lots of water and even if you add on a few pounds it’s ok. Just get back on your healthy track once you give birth.

Well DONE if you are a mother it’s not the easiest job but it’s the best! Pat yourself on the back and BE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION!

Happy #FitTuesday


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