Choosing The Right Workout Gear

Choosing the right shoe for your work out is of the utmost importance – not only does it protect you from possible injury, but it also gives you any cushion you may need to properly perform some of the more hard wearing exercises you might find yourself doing.

There are many types of aerobic shoes that are lightweight and afford you the flexibility that you may need.

Choosing the right workout clothes is also important – pick clothes that allow you to breathe, but that also make you look and feel good! Avoid heavy fabrics that don’t absorb sweat and that might cause heat rash.

Ladies will need a good sports bra so that jumping up and down is not a painful affair.

Baggy clothes can get caught up in equipment and also make it hard to move freely.

Wear gym clothes that are light and airy and you will be well on your way to your fitness goals.

Happy fit Tuesday and remember to be your own motivation!


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