An #EvenBetterMe

Hey how are you doing? I hope you are still on that fitness track. This struggle has definitely been real to me. I got to a point where my workouts just stalled it wasn’t fun anymore i wasn’t getting to my goals but then i decided to switch it up abit. Ive told you this before on a previous post sometimes the body gets used to routine stalls and you stop seeing results no matter how hard you try. Switching things up gets it pumping again. So i did, i added home personal training to my work out schedule and let me just say it felt so good. Working out at home can really be fun. You can get a personal trainer to help you or you can get those work out dvds 45 min to an hour is a good enough work out. Use those stairs, that chair or that coffee table. Fill up bottles of water to use as weights or even get a skipping rope. So thats what i did, one day i’d go to the gym and the next i’d work out at home. This has been great, though a lot of sweat from my workouts hasn’t been too kind to my skin. I’ve experienced lots of breakouts that had been difficult to deal with until i tried some home remedies such as aloe vera, cucumbers,avocados, olive oils turmeric, lemon all these things found in the house can clear your skin within days. So because i work out 5 times a week i tend to cleanse my face every week and clean my face with rose water after i take out my make up. Also don’t go to bed with make up on. Alot of people go to bed with make up on because they feel lazy or dont see the need to take it out. Use unscented baby wipes for a quick clean because sleeping with make up is terrible for your skin. I also recently discovered the new Dettol Even Tone soap thats my current obsession i get a soft body scrub with every wash plus it evens out my skin tone which is perfect. I finally have a soap i can use on my face that i can easily get at the supermarket. If you work out like i do then you know and love that feeling you get when you jump in the shower after a work out. That feeling, cannot be explained and thats why I’m sticking to this routine for a while. June is around the corner and this booty wont work itself so #bootyshortsinjune is about to be a reality hope your fitness is going great I’m working on an #evenbetterme and i hope you are too. Until next week, be your own motivation.


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