Taking A Gym Break

Yes! Taking a break from the gym or your daily workout every now and again is good.

Sometimes taking a break and getting some rest and recuperation is just what the doctor ordered. Working out breaks down muscle fibers, which heal and come back stronger so it’s okay to take a break especially after working out religiously. This helps your body recover from tiny injuries that you don’t even know are there.

When you are in love and when your love is away, people will tell you absence make the heart grow fonder. In this case, absence from the gym makes your body grow fonder and sparks your motivation when you get back. Some people may disagree with me but a week to 10 days is pretty much okay.

After a few days away you will be ready to hit the gym again. If you don’t give your muscles time to repair before you damage them again, you’ll reduce the efficiency of your muscle growth.

A lot of people work all the time at home and that is ok. You are doing you and you are paying your bills. You then use the little spare time you have to hit the gym. This may result in a physical and or mental shut down. You may suffer fatigue, dizzy spells, migraines, you become very irritable etc because you’re not giving your body time to rest and you are not eating right. You simply need some time off, a good night’s sleep, a good meal, lots of water and the chance to catch up on the world.

Take care of your body because just like a car it goes for service once in a while. You may have to buy a new battery after a while so that it doesn’t break down on you. So as you do with your car, give yourself some service. Some R&R. Spend some time with your family or visit some friends. Hang out with your spouse so that they don’t feel neglected, laugh a little and then get back to business.

Be your own motivation #HappyFitTuesday


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