Staying Fit Through Pregnancy

Hey Fit Fam, I hope you have been keeping well. Many times, ladies who are pregnant or have just had a baby ask me “Tallia how did you get your body back?”
First of all let me just say I’m not back to where I was but I am getting there slowly. I may have not added as much weight as I did If I was working out and eating healthier. I have mentioned before that I had a very difficult pregnancy –my morning sickness lasted six months and I couldn’t even keep water down. Which means that when I could eat, I ate absolutely everything I could: pilau, blackforest and ice cream as well.
I couldn’t work out because i had a fragile pregnancy. So for many weeks, bed rest was the name of the game; all I was allowed to do was go to the bathroom and lay in bed the rest of the time. To fill in the boredness, I watched movies and ate!
But not everyone goes through this – unless you are on bed rest, there are a few things you can do to keep off the extra pounds and have a stress free birth.
The first and most effective is swimming it works your arms, legs and strengthens your core plus whether your pregnant or not it’s a great way to tone your muscles and keep that extra fat away.
If you have a personal trainer which I recommend, you get you can do some weight training a few times a week.
Walking is probably the best and cheapest way to amp your cardio. You can do this at home, gather a few friends and go walk around the neighbourhood or look for a sports complex that offers their grounds to do so.
I love dancing and if I hadn’t had such a difficult pregnancy this would probably have been the best work out for me. Put on some music from your favourite DJ or radio station (HBR 103.5) and just dance 20 – 30 min a day.
I have never tried yoga but I’m told its quite calming and helps you stretch your muscles and keep your blood pressure down.

I never thought a pregnant woman could run and jog until I saw Charlotte on Sex and The City doing. If your doctor gives you an okay go ahead and do it, burn that extra fat, build endurance, keep your heart rate pumping blood through your body. Look for someone to run with you though – never do it alone. Also try and do it somewhere with no potholes or bumps or rocks on the ground to avoid tripping and falling. 30 min a day could go a long way and help you have a safe and less stressful delivery. All these exercises are also good after delivery.
Till next week
Be your own motivation


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