Misleading Food Labels

Happy Fit Tuesday to each and every one of you!

Today I want to talk about food and how it can influence your diet.

When we go to the store – especially if you are someone who has been eating well and trying to keep healthy, we try to stick by labels that say ‘fat free’ or ‘no added carbs or even ‘no preservatives’. You really have to do your research though, and understand that some of these labels can be deceptive.

Just because that box of fat free cookies says ‘fat free’ doesn’t mean that eating a box of them will still be a healthy choice. Fat free doesn’t necessarily equal no calories.

Are you addicted to energy bars and do you carry them in your bag to snack on, when you skip lunch or have a busy day? It’s OK to have one or two of them a week, but they are absolutely no substitute for a healthy diet – the same goes with sports drinks, dried fruit, smoothies etc.

Some of the yoghurts you pick up that read ‘real fruit inside’ contain loads of artificial sweeteners – why not pick up a plain yoghurt and mix your own (fresh fruit) into it – this can turn out to be a lot healthier.

That diet soda that you substitute for regular soda isn’t helping your diet much either: water will always be the number one beverage you can get into your system.

Remember – what you put inside your body can affect how you feel and how much energy you have throughout the day. Try and opt for as many healthy choices as possible, and be your own motivation.


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