Get back in shape after the holidays

You probably went away on holiday for 3- 4 weeks and are back at work already booking your next leave. You enjoyed your vacay time. You probably did a lot of eating and drinking and not working out or even thinking of working out. I will tell you this when I took my gym break and started my vacation I said I would do some skipping, ride my bike sometimes and even jog but none of that happened. Instead, I got into holiday mode and turned off that work out switch. I’ve been away from the gym for three and a half weeks now and let’s just say i added more than three and a half kilos. Candy is my kryptonite – I had too much – eating sweets like food was running out and now I see the results. I have the kinda body where my weight goes up and down really easily.
So how do you get back to shape after the long holiday? And especially given that it is Njaanuary and you don’t think you can afford the gym?
You don’t need to go to the gym to keep fit – there are so many workouts you can do at home like skipping, jogging, squats and dancing etc.
If you plan on going back on Day 1, take a picture of yourself in the same outfit and same spot you will on Day 60 – preferably in the morning when you wake up. You will see a huge difference between the pictures.
Also hide that scale; it’s the devil and just discourages you because you think you will lose 20kgs in a month and that’s just not realistic.
Start slow. Carry a note book to the gym and record your progress what you do and for how long. Figure out the type of program you want to do and stick with it do not give up its all about dedication.
Do you have a personal trainer? Try and get an expert to help you with your program. They know best exactly what you need.
Find another friend of yours who also enjoyed the holidays as much as you and put up a little friendly competition between the two of you for a small wager and that may just motivate you even more. Work your body ready for your next holiday.
Be consistent with your workouts. Will you be working out 3 or 5 times in the week? What will you be doing? Do not make excuses as to why you did not work out today. Excuses are so easy to make but those kilos will be hard to shed – think about that.
Now go and be your own motivation. Happy #FitTuesday


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