Dealing with weight fluctuations

Do you have days when your weight goes up or down within a day or two? I do – a LOT

I have days when I feel really light and skinny and then there are days when I feel really heavy. Last week I weighed four kgSs lighter than I do right now. I know it’s normal because it’s ok for your weight to go up and down but I stress out and when I do I eat candy.

Sometimes however, it is just water weight and you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Certain things cause our bodies to retain a lot of water causing our weight to go up and down – if this starts to happen to you, drink water throughout the day.

If you have been eating right and exercising, then don’t worry about these little fluctuations.

Lately, I’ve gotten into bike riding. I’ve changed my workout schedule from afternoons to mornings to shock my body.

It takes me about 10 min to get to the gym on my bike. Then I do a one hour full body work out with my trainer, stretch and ride back for 15 min. It takes longer to go back home as it’s uphill, but I know it’s doing my body good.

When you decide to hit the scales, do it first thing in the morning, naked. That will give you your true reading.

Have a Happy #FitTuesday and go and motivate someone today …


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