Dealing With Hormonal Weight Gain

Are you lazy? Believe it or not I’m probably the laziest person around.

I hit the gym 5-6 times a week, but 60 percent of that time, I’m trying to think up excuses as to why I shouldn’t go!

That said, when I see results, it motivates me even more.

About ten years ago, I was tiny in stature – I weighed between 49 and 52 kgs and I was not interested in working out because whatever I ate just didn’t show.

All this changed however, when my mom took me to visit a gynecologist because of period pain – something that a lot of women and girls go through every month.

My doctor decided to put me on the pill to regulate my scycle and hopefully help with the pain management. Sure, it helped, but I also gained a lot of weight.

I gained weight so fast it shocked me. I was later put on a low hormonal pull that stabilized things.

I wrote this today because I receive a lot of emails or bump into people who recount to me their weight gain stories, and a few have even mentioned their own battles with the pill.

Pills come in different forms – never get one over the counter just because your frend uses that type. You have to be aware of the side effects. And if the weight starts attacking you, get active! Walk, skip, jog or join a gym.

Happy #FitTuesday and remember to be your own motivation!

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