Choosing A Workout Plan

You need to add some activity to your life. It is good for you. Picking a sport as a workout plan is a great idea. It’s also a type of buddy workout.

Remember when we were young ladies and we used to play 3 stick and bladder and Shake and Kati, just to name a few? Have you ever thought of bringing your childhood back and playing some of those games? Hear me out. They burn a lot of calories especially for a grown up and they are fun. On Thursdays we see a lot of people posting old pictures or old videos on their social media – it brings round nostalgia doesn’t it? Now picture this: you probably work out 4-5 times of the week. Why not pick a day with some of your friends and call it a throwback workout session. Be a kid on just that one day during those 2 hours have fun as you burn calories.

I remember once being inside a bouncing castle – I had the time of my life, broke a million sweats and couldn’t believe how much fun the whole experience was. Next time I took a friend and same thing happened to her like it did me. I put on my Nike watch as I was jumping and burnt a good 380 calories in 20 min. It was so much fun and i got fit at the same time.

I did a bit of jump rope with some girls in the neighborhood and again burnt so many calories and had fun too. So why don’t you take up the challenge. Create a workout plan with your friends try it for six weeks and see.

Mon- Aerobics

Tuesday – Weights and Cardio

Wednesday – Jogging or cycling

Thursday – (Throwback play and workout session)

Friday – Crosstrainer/Treadmill

Satuday – Zumba/ Swimming

Sunday – Rest

That is not an actual workout plan i just thought it up to give you an idea of what you can do. Get an activity that you will enjoy and you may stick to.

Also get a doctor to check up on you before any vigorous physical activity especially if you are above 40. If you can afford one which may be possible as a group, get a trainer to show you the right way to do those activities.

Now go make your workouts fun and try the 6 week challenge with friends..

Be each other’s Motivation

Happy #FitTuesday


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