Choosing A Personal Trainer

A lot of people choose their personal trainer’s based on looks – how buff is he/she? Because obviously if they are ripped, they will get you ripped also. Right?

Well, not necessarily.

Don’t just trust someone’s words – you need to see evidence. They might look great, but they may not necessarily be effective in training other people.

Picking a trainer should be conducted with the same kind of care as you would pick a car or a pair of shoes: is it safe? How long will it last>

Take recommendations: how long has that person been training their friends or acquaintances? Listening to your friends is extra important if this person will be training you at home –security is of the utmost concern.

Is your trainer certified? Qualifications are important. It’s not just enough for them to be ripped: do they understand the human body – would they be able to spot an injury? Do they know how to carry out first aid?

Take time to pick out the person who will help you achieve your goals. Be open with each other.

Be your own motivation!

Happy #FitTuesday


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