Channel Your Stress Into A WorkOut

If you are like me, you have probably had a bad day already, this week. You know how it goes – one of those days when everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. When you lose a friend or two because you snapped at them, when you should have just taken a deep breath and exhaled.

But as bad as it’s been, I know that working out clears my mind. It helps relieve stress and keeps me focused.

Stress causes mood swings, headaches and even loss of appetite, so i tend to run when that happens. I become a beast on the treadmill or even just go jogging in the hood.

I tend to get terrible migraines that have landed me in the emergency room, but these days I tend to just pop an ibruprofen, wait 30 minutes and go running.

Running also increases your blood flow and if you have blood pressure problems it regulates that as you get your heart pumping.

If it takes a lot for you to get motivated enough to get on your running shoes, rope a friend into participating with you. Friendly competition will help you push harder than you are used to. And remember not to put your friend down when they are not feeling motivated. Be each other’s support system!

Happy #FitTuesday! Remember to be your own motivation (but also to motivate your friends too!)

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